Professional Dog WalkingBrisbane dogs love to socialise, seek out unfamiliar smells, and mark new territory. Daily dog walking is vital to your best friend’s well being as it provides much needed exercise and stimulation. Dog walking may also break or reduce behavioural problems related to boredom and anxiety such as excessive barking, digging holes or escaping from your yard.

Rest assured that your dog will receive personalised attention as we will not take your best mate walking with a dog from another family.

At A Walk in the Park, we understand that your dog may like to indulge in a little play time in the local “off-lead park”. To ensure your pet’s safety, we will allow your dog into the park only when other dogs are not present, unless instructed otherwise by you.

Why use a Brisbane dog walking professional?

In a perfect world you would take your dog walking every day, however, for many reasons this is not always possible. Perhaps you are working long hours, or don’t have the time or energy because of personal commitments. You may be ill or incapacitated or just physically unable to go walking with your pet. For all of these reasons it makes good sense to use a dog walking professional.

When you are unable to exercise your best mate, we will come to your home to take care of walking and play time.

20 minutes $25
40 minutes $35
60 minutes $45
Tag along $5 per each additional dog





Frequent Brisbane Dog Walking Discount

Professional Dog Obedience Training Book five consecutive dog walking sessions this month and receive $10 off the sixth dog walking outing.

Obedience Training

Does your dog pull on the lead? Or hasn’t quite mastered the art of the ‘drop and roll’? We can help by providing your dog with 10 minutes obedience training when you book our Brisbane Dog Walking service. Just ask us.


  • Please provide dog walking lead (and harness if necessary). We provide waste removal bags.
  • If its raining lightly on our dog walking day, we will still proceed with walking as planned. If heavy rain or hail, walking will be substituted with play, cuddles and grooming at your home.
  • If it is an excessively hot day, walking time will be shortened to prevent your dog from overheating and becoming stressed.  We will include some playtime and lots of cuddles.