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With the temperature heating up in Brisbane, the dreaded paralysis tick is making an unwelcome appearance on our pets’ doorstep. Now is the time to make sure your pets are protected.

Brisbane Pet Care Corner - MaggieMaggie’s Story

It only seems like yesterday that my family witnessed the debilitating effects of the paralysis tick on our now 11-year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Maggie.  Maggie is a tough and resilient dog (all 20 kilos of her), so we were shocked to discover that her encounter with a tick resulted in a long hospital stay.  Maggie’s vet commented that she was very lucky we recognised the signs early.  Seeming quite ‘mopey’ and appearing wobbly in her hind legs were clear signs that our usually over enthusiastic and happy hound was in fact a very sick girl.

Luckily the ending to Maggie’s story was a happy one.  However, for many Brisbane pets each year an encounter with a paralysis tick can be fatal.

What are the symptoms of a paralysis tick?

Typical symptoms of the paralysis tick include weakness in the hind quarters which spreads to the front legs, vomiting, coughing, loss of appetite, and very often a change in the animal’s voice.

What should I do if my pet exhibits the above symptoms?

If you suspect your pet has been affected by a tick, make sure you and your pet stay calm; remove food and water to reduce the risk of choking; and visit your vet immediately.  Even if you remove the tick yourself, it is essential you seek veterinarian assistance.  In an attempt to remove a tick, often the head breaks off from the body which remains lodged in the animal’s body and continues to inject deadly toxins.

How do I protect my pets?

Protecting your pets against the paralysis tick is vital.  Ask your vet today about the best preventative treatment.  In addition, it is recommended you check your pets daily for ticks during Brisbane’s warmer months, especially if they have been walking or playing near bushland.

Please note that the information provided as part of our Park Pet Care Corner is for your consideration only. We are not veterinarians and we are not attempting to provide a diagnosis or treatment for your furry or feathered friend. If you suspect that your pet is sick, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

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I really appreciate your help and patience with Dudley as I know he can be a ‘handfull’ at times.  His behaviour has definitely improved, and the pot plants remain intact this week.

Sarah, Yeronga

Client testimonial 3Thankyou for taking special care of our kitten overnight after her surgery.  We felt secure in the knowledge that she was tucked up in bed safe and sound.

Jonathan, Yeronga


Thanks for keeping me updated about Tyler’s antics while I was away.  It was reassuring to receive your text messages.  I really appreciate the special attention you paid to my little man.

Tara, West End